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Jim's Steakout Gift Card

Check the balance and activity on your Jim’s Card

Visit any Jim’s SteakOut restaurant and have a cashier swipe your card at the cash register. Or, you can visit

Add Points To Your Jim's Card

Need to add point to your Jim's Steakout Gift Card? Just fill out this form: AddPoints.pdf and send it back to us.

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Register Your Jim’s Card

Get your rewards or gift card at any Jim's Steakout Location. 

Easily register your card online right here:


How can I earn Reward Dollars?

A. Reward Dollars are automatically calculated and added to your account at the time of purchase. You must present your Jim’s Card at the time of purchase to earn Rewards. In the event the Jim’s SteakOut location is unable to load Reward Dollars onto your card due to technical issues, you may mail in your receipt to have them added. Complete the Request Form for Reward Dollars and then mail it, along with your original receipt(s), to the address provided on the form.

What is the Jim’s Card Rewards Program?

A. In the Rewards Card Program, customers earn 5¢ for every dollar spent on Jim’s SteakOut menu items. These Reward Dollars can then be used as cash for future purchases. Reward Dollars cannot be redeemed for cash.

When I checked my Jim’s Card online, I have three different balances. Why?

A. Your Jim’s Card is both a Gift Card AND a Rewards Card. 

The balance that is labeled, “Gift Card” is the amount remaining on the gift card partition on the card. The original gift card amount was either purchased by you or given to as a gift.

The other two balances are for the Rewards program. The “Reward$” balance is the amount you have accumulated through your purchases (see “How can I earn Reward Dollars?” below) NOT INCLUDING your most recent purchase. Your most recent purchase has not converted to cash yet and is reflected in the balance labeled, “Card Applied”. The Card Applied balance is in “points” and will convert to cash at your next purchase.

For example, if your rewards balances are:

Reward$ $10.45
Card Applied 20 Points

At the time of your next purchase, you will have $11.45 in rewards

$10.45 + (20pts * 5¢) = $11.45

Can Rewards Dollars be earned when a Jim’s Card is loaded with cash?

A. No, Reward Dollars are earned only when Jim’s SteakOut menu items are purchased.

How long will Reward Dollars last?

A. Currently, Reward Dollars do not expire. Jim’s SteakOut reserves the right to change this policy and will give customers one year notice.

How do I check my balance and activity on my Jim’s Card?

A. You can check your Jim’s Card Cash or Rewards balance by: Visit any Jim’s SteakOut restaurant and have a cashier swipe your card at the cash register. Or, you can visit

What if my Jim’s Card is stolen, lost or damaged?

A. Cash and Rewards cards should be treated as CASH. Unless the card is registered at, we will not replace the reward dollars you may have earned or the cash value on a lost card. If your Card is registered, we will freeze the remaining unused balance and a replacement Card will be issued.

To freeze the remaining unused balance on your Jim’s Card, call Jim’s SteakOut corporate office during normal business hours at 716-885-2918. After the Jim’s SteakOut Representative freezes your remaining balance, print out the Replacement Request Form, and mail the completed form along with the original purchase receipt to: Jim’s SteakOut

938 Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14222

A replacement card will be issued for the lost or stolen cash card within 4–6 weeks after the completed form is received.