Jim's Steakout Gift Cards

A perfect gift any time of year.  

Bring a smile to someone’s face by getting them a Jim’s Steakout Gift Card.  

A Thank You is nice, but a Jim’s Steak Hoagie is telling someone that you appreciate the heck out of them.  

Here’s something cool… You do not even need to stop into a Steakout to make this happen.  You can do this online, right now by sending a Jim’s eGift Card.  AND, you can even select the day and time the person receives it.  Send it to their email or to their phone.  

You will still need to stop in if you want to put a plastic card in someone’s Christmas Stocking.  Or, and here us out on this, you purchase a Jim’s eGift Cards right now, from where you are sitting, and set the card to arrive to someone’s phone on December 25th at 9:00AM.  Boom, done.  

Need to shop for your co-workers, boss or employees.  Take care of it right now.

Jim’s eGift Cards arrive with a QC code and card number.  Our cashiers can scan that code.  And, the card number can be used for online ordering.

Click HERE to purchase an eGift Card


Important Notice to Customers regarding old "Jim’s Cards"

We have recently switched our our rewards and gift card program to a new platform, TOAST. 

If you have a plastic, "Jim's Card", it has been converted to a GIFT CARD only.  All your old points were converted to Gift Card Cash on that same card. 

If you had Gift Card Cash and Rewards on one card, everything was combined to Gift Card Cash on that same card. 

Once you use up that balance, you can add cash value to that card or throw that card away. (Or save for the nostalgia.)  Learn about signing up for the New Rewards Program below.

The number on the back of the Jim's Card IS compatible with the Point of Sale systems in the stores.
However, it is NOT compatible for online balance inquiries and use for Online Ordering. 

We have provided a link where you can input your old Jim's Card number and get a new TOAST number that you can use for looking up your balance online or for use with Online Ordering.


If you use this tool, you will get a balance and a QC code.  You could take a screenshot of that code and show it to a cashier.  They can scan it.  You will not even need to take the card with you.

If you need further assistance, send us an email to jim@jimssteakout.com and someone will get back to you during our office, business hours which are 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.